Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 3 - Jul. 9

Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 3 - Jul. 9

Message of the Week: 

ARIES There is a good balance in your life this week, Aries. You are giving and receiving freely, and feeling the abundance in your world. This is your week to continue on this path of synergy that you have been on, and to develop even more abundance in your life through trust. Your passions are being fulfilled.
TAURUS: It is okay for you to speak up for yourself, Taurus. This week is about communication, freedom, and mentally connecting the dots. You have been searching for some clarity to take you further in life, and you are gaining that wisdom this week. Know that you are protected, you are wise, and you are free.
GEMINI: This week you are walking away from giving more than you have in you, or that you are seeing in return, Gemini. Emotions have been all over the place this year, and you don't want to be in this energy anymore. This is a week where you are saying some goodbyes, closing chapters, and choosing self-love.
CANCER:  Passion is ignited, and you have open skies ahead of you, Cancer. This is a week of feeling energetically renewed, and like you have the resources needed to move forward with your dreams. Support is coming in, the vision is there, and this is a powerful week for you. Have fun with life, and make it yours.
LEO: Your sights are set high this week, Leo. You are inspired, hopeful, and ready for what is next for you. Although you are still contemplating some things, creating the vision board, and making the plans- very soon you will be in the midst of the experiences you are dreaming about now. Hold the vision.
VIRGO:  Let the world see you and your beautiful self this week, Virgo. This week is a moment of opportunity, success, and balance. Everything is coming together, and what you once thought was a downfall, is turning into an accomplishment. Get ready, continue on your path forward, and claim your blessings.
LIBRA:  Protect your energy, Libra. Do not entertain what isn't worth your time, and trust your instincts to remind you what isn't and what is. You have come to such a good place within, and no one deserves to take that away from you. Honor your peace this week and do the things that keep you center, always.
SCORPIO:  Celebrations are in store for you this week, Scorpio. There is a lot to be happy about, and love is fueling your life. This is a week of connection, receptivity, and happiness. You are pleased with what you are seeing right now, and you deserve to let go a little, breathe, and celebrate how far you have come.
SAGITTARIUS:  Find your ground this week, Sag. This week is all about grounding your energy, focusing on stability in your life, and calling in your support systems. Family and chosen family are where your heart is right now, and this is a good week to connect with those that resonate with your soul. You are loved.
CAPRICORN: You've got this, Capricorn. Don't concern yourself with what could go wrong, and remember your strength. This week you are putting your heart first and doing what is right for you. Not everyone may understand you or your intentions, but it's not up to them to decide who you are, it's up to you to do that.
AQUARIUS: Don't rush this, Aquarius. Some positive and hopeful culminations are appearing in your life this week, but remember, they are here for you to enjoy, and not for you to focus on what else can be. Enjoy this week, and know that what is meant for you will not pass you by. Breathe, angel.
PISCES: Act as if what you currently want has already happened, Pisces. This is a happy and abundant week for you, and you are coming out on top. You have been through many journeys and opened many new doors this year, and this week you are feeling the self-empowerment that has come from it.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about having confidence in yourself. Some important decisions are needing to be made this week, and it's up to you to trust your intuition to guide you to the best ones for yourself. With a Full Moon in Capricorn on Monday, big moves are being made at the start of the week. This Supermoon is here to bring in some clarity in regards to financial matters, feelings of safety and stability, and when it comes to following your dreams. Release what keeps you away from your inner power, and focus on what does right now. With the next few months of the year being all about change, self-love, and rejuvenation, this week is here to bring things to a head, and is a place where past, present, and future, show their gifts.


July 3: Full Moon in Capricorn

July 9: Last Quarter Moon in Aries

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