Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 4 - Jul. 10

Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 4 - Jul. 10

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Aries, you are safe. Expect support in unexpected places this week, as your ship is coming in. This week is all about the community you are building and nurturing in your life right now. There are people who want to help you see your dreams and goals through, know that you are being held by love, Aries.
TAURUS:  There is divine healing taking place in your life at this time, Taurus. This week is the start of something new for you, and it's about releasing the old stories of the past. You don't have to hold onto resentment or loss any longer, and this week is about mending the heart, and providing a safe space for yourself.
GEMINI:  This week is about TLC, self-love, and self-care for you, Gemini. This is the week to make health matters the priority, and to replenish. You are in need of a deep release and nourishment at this time. You have come to a clearing, a moment to process, accept, and renew, and you are taking care of your sacredness.
CANCER:  Trust the cycles of your life, Cancer. Things have been changing for you this year and you have been moving through a significant time of growth. This week is all about remaining patient and hopeful as to what is becoming for you, and about aligning with your truth. Every aspect of you is worthy, Cancer.
LEO: You are on a inner quest this week, Leo. This week is about looking within and taking note of the magic and mystery there. You are bringing forth new gifts, and recognizing the power you hold today. As you reawaken, step up, and live your life on your own terms; you inspire those around you to as well, Leo.
VIRGO:  This week is about surrendering, Virgo. Let go of the worries, doubts, and confusions, and release them to the sky. This week is about nourishing your garden of love, and giving yourself some time as you move through the different cycles and seasons of your life. You are not alone, you are seen and loved.
LIBRA:  This week is a time of renewal and clarity for you, Libra. You are viewing things in your world with a positive perspective, and it has been serving your heart well. As you begin a new journey this week and get the fresh start you have been looking for, remember to take note of what's happening around you, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Divine flow and harmony are prevalent in your world this week, Scorpio. This week is about a coming together of love, and your relationships are being highlighted at this time. Focus on what is in alignment for you and what just feels right. Allow yourself to let go, flow, and move safely into love this week, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about planting the seeds, Sagittarius. There are intentions you have been looking to see through and manifest, but they need some more time to grow. Honor where you are at this time, and allow yourself the rest and patience needed to manifest. Your new beginnings will happen, give yourself time.
CAPRICORN: Ground yourself in the here and now, Capricorn. This week is all about connecting to your roots, and where you stand right now. It's about noticing the patterns and weavings of your life, and recognizing the perspective and wisdom that has come from it. Honor your ancestors, connect to your higher self, and be.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about healing the inner child, Aquarius. Take out some time this week to connect within, ask yourself what you need at this time, then be prepared to answer that call. There is a need for more gentleness and forgiveness in your life right now time, and to give yourself this energy. You are safe to heal.
PISCES:  Honor the magic of your existence, Pisces. What makes you uniquely you is your magic in this life, and it's okay to do things your own way. Allow your spirit to fly and your inspiration to guide it. This week is all about embracing who you are and what you're about, and connecting with what resonates, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about soul connections, and being moved by inspiration and love. There is a lot of activity going on this week as Pallas enters Gemini on Monday, and Mars and Mercury also change signs the next day. Communications are coming through, and there is a lot to say right now, however patience is needed when it comes to growth. Sometimes allowing is more important than pushing through, and this week is about respecting the power of allowing life to unfold. Be moved by the power of love this week, and connect with the magic within.


July 4: Pallas enters Gemini

July 5: Mars enters Taurus

Mercury enters Cancer

July 6: First Quarter Moon in Libra

July 7: Vesta Retrograde in Pisces


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