Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 10 - Jun. 16

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 10 - Jun. 16

Energy of the Week:

This week is about living your truth, going after your dreams, and trusting your intuition. This week is providing a space for healing, but it's also creating room for new life to grow. Mid-week we have a First Quarter Moon in Virgo, and what we need to change or re-work in our lives is becoming more apparent. When the Moon is in Virgo we get things done, but we are also reminded the importance of taking care of our health and well-being, and what that alone can do for your life. This is a week of heightened energy and people may feel more sensitive to what is happening right now. Trust where you feel called to go or be, and take care of you.


Jun. 13: First Quarter Moon in Virgo 


Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week is all about perspective, Aries. You are being reminded to focus more on the love and new beginnings in your life, rather than the losses you have acquired along the way. If you can bring more of your energy into the good, you won’t feel so much pressure from your past. You are free.

TAURUS: Home is where the heart is for you this week, Taurus. You are experiencing some new developments in the home, and when it comes to the things that are closest to you and your heart, and there is a lot of emotional fulfillment in your life right now. The stability you are feeling is here to stay.

GEMINI: This week is the time to check in with your emotional world, and to really figure out what you want right now, Gemini. You have been living in a space of freedom and openness which is amazing, but this can also lead you to ignore some of the important decisions you need to be making now.

CANCER: You are feeling a little wiser, a little more capable, and a little more inspired this week- and that is amazing, Cancer. This week you are seeing things fall into place and divine timing showing its gifts to you. Life is coming to fruition in a way in which you have always dreamed, and you are aligned.

LEO: This week is a reminder to value yourself the way you value others, Leo. It’s time to look in the mirror and look at your life with kinder eyes, and remember that all seasons change with time. Financially, you are gaining some much-needed clarity this week and putting things together here.

VIRGO: Trust your divine intuition right now, Virgo. Balance the mind and the heart, and use your keen eye to discover what your emotions have been trying to tell you. There are opportunities for love, but there is also new clarity coming in that is showing you where you need to protect your energy.

LIBRA: This is a week of culmination, happiness, and closure, Libra. There has been a lot of heaviness in your life that you have been looking to release, and right now you are getting the opportunity to do so due to the happiness you are finally feeling in your world. Choose what makes you happy, Libra.

SCORPIO: This week is about seeing abundance in a new light, Scorpio. You are taking your potential and turning it into something bigger than yourself, and it’s time for some new opportunities to come into your life. Focus on what financial abundance and freedom looks and feels like to you, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Make things clear this week, Sagittarius. This week is about owning your knowledge and perspective, and clearing away what is no longer serving you. You have come to an important place of peace and closure, and you are ready to communicate and clear the air on what has been.

CAPRICORN:  This week is a time of opportunity and freedom, Capricorn. You have a lot you want to do, and a lot you will be seeing through over the next few months. There is a sense of happiness you are feeling with where you are in life, and know that being proud of yourself is a good place to be in.

AQUARIUS: Let go of the things you hold onto in fear rather than in love, Aquarius. See yourself as the worthy being you are, rather than someone who needs to push and pull in order to get what you want. There are some things you need to let go of this week in order to create space for new abundance.

PISCES: This week is about getting back to square one, and not overcomplicating things, Pisces. Look at things for what they are, and don’t get too caught up in reading between the lines. Use your divine intuition to tap into the truth of your life, and be authentically you. Your heart knows.


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