Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 12 - Jun. 18

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 12 - Jun. 18

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This week is about seeing things clearly, Aries. You are getting some much-needed clarity that's making things a little bit easier for you moving forward. There is a lot to think about right now, but don't let this new energy overwhelm you. Gain your clarity, let go of the bs, and create a new plan, Aries.
TAURUS: Communication will make this week run smoother for you, Taurus. Be careful with impulsivity, and think things through before communicating hastily. You may need some more information before making a clear decision right now, and this week is a week of opening up to what's possible for you.
GEMINI:  This week is about overcoming restrictions and moving forward passionately, Gemini. You have the vision, but have been working on overcoming the fears that keep you away from seeing it through. This is a week of feeling the freedom and inspiration in your life that you have been needing.
CANCER: Get some time away, rest, and go within, Cancer. This week you need more time to yourself and time to process what you have been through recently. This is a good week to cleanse your energy, cleanse your space, and get back to the basics. Revelations are coming, and you are elevating your life.
LEO: Don't give up now, Leo. This is a week of seeing things through and defending what you have worked toward. You are reaching a culmination in your life where chapters are closing, and new ones are being born. Hold onto your excitement for the future, and let go of any negativity that brings you down.
VIRGO: You are on top of it this week, Virgo. This is a week of owning your empowerment, your dignity, and standing for what you believe in. You are living in your success, and are making all the right moves right now. It is okay for you to be powerful, and you deserve all of the blessings that are coming your way.
LIBRA: This is another love-focused week for you, Libra. You have been in your feels recently, and it's influencing your relationships with others positively. This is a week where you feel like love is coming together for you in a way that you have been seeking in life, and like you are in balance with it all.
SCORPIO: Make a wish, your dreams are coming true, Scorpio! This week you are feeling the support, love, and emotional connection in your life. It is all making sense, and you are seeing how some of your dreams and goals have been coming to fruition. You are worthy of the love you are feeling right now, let more in.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a week of emotional receptivity and honoring the past, while living in gratitude for the moment, Sagittarius. You are feeling a bit nostalgic this week, but are overall looking at past experiences fondly. This week is about healing the inner child and doing more of what makes your heart truly happy.
CAPRICORN: Take a deep breath, everything is working out for you and in your favor, Capricorn. This is a week where the love you are feeling in your life is profound, and when you have some new opportunities heading toward you. You have found your true treasures in life, and are soaking up every bit of it.
AQUARIUS: Perspective, perspective, perspective, Aquarius! What isn't working for you right now may turn into something beautiful in the future, but you can't get there until you let go of where you are now. Take care of your heart and your mind, and choose to see the good in your life. You deserve a break.
PISCES: This week is all about balance for you, Pisces. You have been moving through some significant experiences and emotions, and this energy continues with you this week. However, you are feeling more in synergy with what is happening in your life and are no longer giving your energy away more than you can.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about living your truth. Saturn goes Retrograde in Pisces this week and will be in Retrograde until November 4th. Saturn Retrograde being in a Water Sign, makes the emotional world more in focus right now. Saturn will be addressing where healing needs to take place, how to connect to the heart space more, and where it's necessary to protect your energy. At the end of the week there is a New Moon in Gemini, and opportunities for clarity, creativity, and manifestation appear. This New Moon is here to spark new life and new inspiration, and is shaking things up for the collective.

JUN. 17: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

JUN. 18: New Moon in Gemini

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