Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 19 - Jun. 25

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 19 - Jun. 25

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Victory is yours, Aries. This week you are reaching some important moments on your journey of life, and instead of climbing the mountain- you are on top of it. Remember to have some more fun this week and where you are right now, as it's time to forgive the past. You deserve a good win, Aries.
TAURUS:  Remember who you are, Taurus. This is a healing and therapeutic week for you, as your nurture yourself and give yourself the love you have been looking for. This focus you are bringing toward your heart and your well-being is inspiring, and the beauty of your soul deserves to be acknowledged.
GEMINI:  You are moving through a rebirth, Gemini. Remember to take deep breaths and ground your energy through the changes you are going through right now, and know that soon things will settle down. There are a lot of things happening for you this week, but you are well capable of handling it all, Gemini.
CANCER:  Honor your passions right now, Cancer. Your emotions are especially heightened, and with Cancer Season beginning this week, this is where your gifts are. This week is about love unfolding, your divine purpose becoming clearer to you, and overall you are accepting that you need some time right now.
LEO: You are manifesting your heart's desires this week, Leo. This is a fruitful week for you, and a time of old emotions healing and new ones appearing. Communicate more of the good right now, and watch more of it grow in your life. This week is all about receptivity, and feeling the love within to without.
VIRGO:  It's time for a new beginning, Virgo. You have been in a space of recovery, and awakening to new aspects of yourself that needed some more love. This is a week of support coming in, guardian angels sending down a blessing, and a time of positive change. Remember that you are the gift, Virgo.
LIBRA:  Open your heart to a blessing this week, Libra. You have some new opportunities coming into your life right now, and you are stepping up for what is meant for you. This is a week of compassion, feeling appreciated for who you are, and connecting with people who are on the same wavelength.
SCORPIO:  Through the chaos, beauty unfolds, Scorpio. This is a powerful week for you, and what once felt impossible, is making a lot more sense to you right now. This is a time of living your truths and having fun doing so. You are free, Scorpio, live the life you are inspired to. Miracles are unfolding for you right now.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a lot happening this week, and you deserve some more grace right now, Sagittarius. Try not to get overwhelmed with what is coming forward right now, and only take on what you can handle in the moment. Read between the lines, trust your gut instincts, and focus on bringing things together.
CAPRICORN: You are supported and protected, and the universe holds you in its love, Capricorn. It can feel like things are happening all at once right now, and you need more time to process, accept, and rest this week. You know what is best for you, and this week you are doing just that. This is a week of renewal for you.
AQUARIUS: Things are changing, and this change has been needed, Aquarius. This week is asking you, how willing are you to turn a new page in love and accept more of its grace and receptivity? Emotionally, a new beginning is ahead of you, but you must be the one to take that first step. Don't fear this transformation.
PISCES: Magic is appearing for you this week, Pisces. You have been feeling some losses in your life recently, and this week you are feeling more emotional fulfillment and wholeness. The intentions you have been setting are coming to fruition, and you are also experiencing a shift in environment this week.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about acceptance. There is a lot going on in the stars this week, therefore there is a lot going on within. With Ceres entering Libra, this energy is facilitating growth within relationships, and also bringing more nurturing and balance here. It is about being honest with yourself, and allowing your heart to have a voice. Cancer Season also begins mid-week, and Cancer Season this year is facilitating change. Cancer Season is a beautiful time to feel things through, and to honor the love and support in your life right now. Juno enters Cancer on the 22nd, bringing more influence to relationships, soulmates, and friendships. Juno and Cancer is a lover, and there is a coming together happening within love during this time that is powerful. Vesta also enters Gemini on the same day, and this is bringing in a spark of creativity, communication, and community in the collective. Overall, this week is bringing in some clarity, divine insight, and fulfillment.

June 21: Ceres enters Libra

Cancer Season begins

June 22: Juno enters Cancer

Vesta enters Gemini

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