Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 24 - Jun. 30

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 24 - Jun. 30

Energy of the Week:

This week is about having confidence and living freely. The week begins with a Last Quarter Moon in Aries, and it's time to reflect on the journey we have been on to get to this moment we are in right now. When the Moon is Aries, emotions are heightened and you could be feeling a little more impulsive. Use your passions to further your personal success, but don't rush things to where you trip over yourself in the process. Before the week ends, Saturn goes Retrograde in Pisces from June 29 until November 15, and things slow down a bit with this energy. Saturn Retrograde in Pisces helps us reflect on our emotions, perspectives, and spirituality, and this can be a very creative and healing time for many. It's all about thinking long-term right now, and slowly building new, peaceful, foundations for yourself. Overall, this week is about defining your truths and expressing your vision without doubting yourself. 


Jun. 28: Last Quarter Moon in Aries

Jun. 29: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 


Message of the Week:

ARIES: It’s time to embrace the opportunities presenting themselves this week, Aries. Open up to a miracle, and see what abundance awaits. You are in a great position right now to receive your dreams and be supported in the process. Congratulate yourself for how far you have come.

TAURUS: This week is about communicating clearly and effectively, Taurus. You have come to some important conclusions and perspectives, and it’s time to express more of yourself. Don’t allow others to jump to conclusions and assume they know what you are thinking. Be the voice you want to hear.

GEMINI: It’s about getting grounded this week, Gemini. Home is where the heart is and where your energy is flowing this week, and you are building new foundations in your world. Know that you are supported as you continue to build your future and honor where you have been to get here.

CANCER: Don’t overthink things right now, Cancer. The more you entertain your negative thoughts, the more you find yourself spiraling into a place you aren’t meant to be. Consider all options and avenues, but don’t force your clarity. This week is about rest, contemplation, and integrity.

LEO: You are seeing things clearly right now, Leo, and it’s time to honor your inner wisdom. What matters to you may not matter to everyone else, but that doesn’t diminish its value in any way. This week is about honoring your spirituality, your perspectives, and your peace, and moving forward.

VIRGO: This week is about walking away from what is no longer serving you, Virgo. You have been through some emotional ups and downs as of late, and you don’t want to continue to feel trapped in the downs. Use your strength, define what you want, and remind yourself you are worthy of it, Virgo.

LIBRA: This week is an eye-opener and there are a lot of things happening at once right now, Libra. It can feel like things are occurring that shake you mentally, but with the right perspective, you’ll see the clarity that is beaming through it all. You deserve more than unnecessary conflicts, Libra.

SCORPIO: You are feeling on top of things this week and are reaching your potential, Scorpio. You have been focused on building your foundations and owning your confidence in life, and you are being rewarded for your efforts. Remember that there are people who look up to you and your successes.

SAGITTARIUS: This week is about claiming your abundance and feeling good about the things you are working on right now, Sagittarius. Your intentions are manifesting and your hard work is being recognized. This week is about being proud of yourself and the unique journey you have taken to get here.

CAPRICORN: This week is about letting go and choosing peace, Capricorn. You have been holding on too tightly to certain outcomes that you are missing the gift of how they are actually coming about. Sometimes things don’t happen how you want them to, they turn out better, remember that.

AQUARIUS: It’s all about perspective right now, Aquarius. You have been thinking a lot about your future and making plans that align with the vision you have for yourself, and this is exciting! This week is the time to set those intentions, look forward to what is ahead, and start taking those first steps confidently.

PISCES: This week is about putting yourself out there and showing up, Pisces. You have been yearning to shine a little more and express the beauty of who you are, and the universe is nudging you to do so. Saturn goes Retro in your sign at the end of the week- don’t lose hope, you will be supported. 

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