Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 3 - Jun. 9

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 3 - Jun. 9

Energy of the Week:

This week is about a new beginning, planning, and manifesting. The week begins with Mercury entering Gemini until June 17, and Mercury thrives in this Air Sign energy. Mercury in Gemini brings creative projects and insight to fruition, and it makes communication matters a little more fun and a little more active. On June 6, there is a New Moon in Gemini, and this New Moon is a time to set your intentions and focus on the vision you have for your future. New opportunities are on the way right now, and with Mars in Taurus from Jun. 9 until July 20, a lot of these new doors that are opening, are financial. While Mars is in Taurus it's time to go after your financial goals, plan accordingly, and open up to an increase in wealth and abundance. Overall, this week has all the potential to be fulfilling, inspiring, and abundant.


Jun. 3: Mercury enters Gemini

Jun. 6: New Moon in Gemini

Jun. 9: Mars enters Taurus



Message of the Week:

ARIES: Your heart is opening to a new beginning, Aries. This is an emotionally fulfilling and heartfelt week for you, with some pleasant surprises in store. It’s about focusing on the growth you are moving through right now, rather than what is behind you. Find your pace, love what’s blooming, Aries.

TAURUS:  Life is moving in a new direction for you this week, and this is a positive change of energy, Taurus. Good karma is flowing your way, and you are in the perfect position to receive new blessings. When something leaves you life, it is replaced with better, and that is what’s happening now.

GEMINI: This week is about moving on from the past and rewriting your story, Gemini. With a New Moon in your sign this week, this is the perfect week to focus on what you want in your life and to keep your intentions strong. You are moving through a lot of change right now, but it’ll be worth it.

CANCER: This week is about the different options presenting themselves as of late, Cancer. It’s good to keep things open and to do more research, but there comes a time when a decision needs to be made. Trust yourself enough to choose what is best for you, and leave no room for confusion.

LEO: There is a lot to take care of this week as things fall into place and more responsibilities pile up, Leo. There is a big focus on the growth in your life right now, and you are making the effort to see some of your goals and intentions through. You have the skills and discipline to succeed, Leo.

VIRGO: This week is about rising above and feeling empowered, Virgo. You are feeling the success and accomplishment in your life, and are reaching a pinnacle moment. Everything is coming together for you, and you get to enjoy what is. Focus on your joy, and know that you are protected, Virgo.

LIBRA: You are feeling the love in your life this week, Libra. There is a sense of peace and harmony you are feeling emotionally, and you are opening your heart to what is coming your way right now. Relationships are thriving in a new way, and you are being seen as the loving and supportive soul you are.

SCORPIO: This week is a big coming-together week, and you are feeling the fulfillment in your life, Scorpio. There is a sense of accomplishment and victory that you are moving through now, as past projects and intentions come to fruition. Own what you are grateful for, and allow others to do the same.

SAGITTARIUS: This week is a pause moment as you take time to grasp everything that has occurred, Sagittarius. Patience is a virtue at the moment, and you need space to allow life to flourish for you. A change of plans or direction may be coming up now, but you will find your way through it.

CAPRICORN: This is an inspiring and motivating week for you, Capricorn. You feel more free to express yourself, have fun, and get creative, and new opportunities are flowing into your life now. Through the inner awakening you are moving through, your mindset shifts for the better, and anything is possible.

AQUARIUS: This week is all about being patient with what you are developing and creating in your world, Aquarius. You are nourishing your intentions and what matters most to you right now, and this is creating more peace in your life. Know that you can still let others in, while you are in bloom.

PISCES: It’s about perception right now, Pisces. Your vision matters, and this week is about recognizing some of the more frequent thoughts and belief systems in your world, to see if they align with what you want for yourself. New doors are opening, and so is the clarity needed to walk through them.


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