Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 6 - Jun. 12

Weekly Horoscopes: Jun. 6 - Jun. 12

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Life is sacred, Aries, and this week is about connecting to the gifts that are within and without. Self-expression is highlighting your world right now, and this is the time to let your truths unfold and be known. You are supported as you move through your journey of Self, and as you understand your power, Aries.
TAURUS:  Allow yourself to receive the love and abundance you are worthy of, Taurus. This week is about opening up to receive, and letting go of what has been making you feel depleted rather than nourished. Ground yourself here in the present moment, and remember your power of attraction this week, Taurus.
GEMINI:  This is a week to slow down, embrace the present, and allow all to unfold. You have been getting down to the details and focused on mending what's felt broken, and this week is about letting all of that go and giving yourself what you need. Nourish your mind, body, and soul, and allow others to as well, Gemini.
CANCER:  You are creating a new story for yourself this week, Cancer. This week is about a return to Self and a recognition of the beauty, magic, and power within you. It's all coming together for you, and this is a week to take intentional action towards your desired outcomes. It is okay to be and feel powerful, Cancer.
LEO:  This week is a time of recognizing the gifts and potentials that unfold when you live your life courageously and are led by the soul, Leo. Your truth is shining, and your gifts are coming forth in new ways right now. This week is about making important connections, 'ah ha' moments, and new paths opening for you.
VIRGO:  You are being moved by the guidance of your soul this week, Virgo. You have been on a deep journey of renewal and healing, and right now you are preparing for a new chapter in life. You have come to a clearing, a moment to be, gather, and take it all in. Give yourself this space to embrace the magic that is to be.
LIBRA:  Be gentle with yourself this week, Libra. This week is about nourishing what's growing in your life right now, and giving things time to be and become. There is a need to tend to your heart right now and some inner child healing is happening this week. Listen to your heart and what it needs from you, Libra.
SCORPIO:  This week is about giving yourself the space to heal and evolve, Scorpio. You are taking a look at some patterning in your life, and releasing old ways of being and doing things that don't serve where you are now or where you are headed. Trust this process you are in, and soften to the truth of love, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  Life is blooming for you this week, Sagittarius. This week is about accepting the gifts of today, and enjoying your well-deserved harvest. There is life to celebrate, and hope to rejoice in, and you are moving freely throughout the world. This week is reminding you the power of your voice and your creativity.
CAPRICORN:  Sometimes the truth you need to see is standing right in front of you, you just need to release the idea of what you think it should be, Capricorn. This week is about letting the answers appear, and creating room for the next steps you are taking on your journey. Connect to your higher self this week, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS: You have all of the right to be happy, Aquarius. Don't dim your light for the sake of anyone else's comfort this week, and know that there are people in your life who support you unconditionally. This week is about allowing yourself to be seen and supported, and honoring your peace of mind, Aquarius.
PISCES:  Creative inspiration is flowing through your world this week, and the vibes this week are giving you a boost of energy and passion, Pisces. This week is all about following that spark and about getting out of your own way a little. Give yourself a chance to see your dreams through, and take in the inspiration.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about allowing the divine plan to unfold in your life. Embrace where you are right now, while preparing yourself for the victories and celebrations to come. There are new possibilities that await, but there is also a need to enjoy more downtime, to rest, to heal, and to nourish what needs more love at this time. With a First Quarter Moon in Virgo mid-week, the divine plan is coming together, and it's about getting things in order, taking care of your health, and showing up for yourself right now. It is never to late to dream a new dream, and this week has all of the support and encouragement to do just that.


June 7: First Quarter Moon in Virgo


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