Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 18 - Mar. 24

Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 18 - Mar. 24

Energy of the Week:

This week is about success, love, and support. There is a new beginning that's awakening in the world, and something significant is blooming. The week begins with Aries Season and The Spring Equinox on the same day, and there is something powerful about the future right now. Aries Season this year is all about change, and with Eclipse Season happening during this time, there is a lot to grasp and a lot to look forward to. Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, and this is creative, compassionate, and dreamy vibes for Mars to be in. Our direction in life is motivated by love when Mars is in Pisces, and people are more willing to give it in this energy. All in all, there are breakthroughs happening this week and love is guiding them.

Mar. 19: Aries Season begins

Mar. 22: Mars enters Pisces



Message of the Week:

ARIES: There is a breakthrough happening in your life this week, and love is all around you, Aries. You are being reminded just how supported and cherished you are, and there are some happy outcomes coming through for you right now. Live in gratitude, and focus on what is working out for you.

TAURUS: This week is a new beginning for you, Taurus. Your sights are set on what’s on the horizon, and you are manifesting your future one step at a time. This week is all about getting inspired, being creative, and owning your passions in life. This is a good time for travel or embracing new energy.

GEMINI:  There is a good balance between the give and take in your life this week, Gemini. You are feeling inspired and in-tune with your surroundings, and financially are seeing a pay off on what you have been investing in. This week is about thinking big and taking on new, abundant, opportunities.

CANCER: Your emotions are healing and your inner clarity is beaming, Cancer. This is a week of honoring the past and where you have been, and finding more peace with where things are now. The past is behind you now, and you are learning to embrace the joy of today and what is possible for you ahead.

LEO: This is a grounding week for you, as you feel more stability, assurance, and support in your life, Leo. Family, closed loved ones, and home life are what you are focused on right now, and you are building new support systems in your life. Know that what makes you different is what others love so much.

VIRGO: This is an eye-opening week for you, Virgo, and a time when you are being reminded to let go a little more, and to trust that you are worthy of a new beginning. It’s time to listen to your heart more, heal from within, and let go of old burdens or fears. Embrace a new way of doing things, you wise soul.

LIBRA: You are getting some time away, honoring your emotions, and figuring things out right now, Libra. With an Eclipse in your sign next week, take this time to really grasp all that has occurred, and to let go a little more of the things you cannot change. Take things one day at a time, all is well.

SCORPIO: Dreams are coming true, and love is flowing through you and to you, Scorpio. This a week of success, and one where manifestations are appearing and you are feeling immense joy for where life is taking you. There is a lot to be grateful for right now, and it’s time to focus on a miracle in your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Your strength is needed right now, and you are exactly where you should be, Sag. This week is a time of development, but when change comes, the growth can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Give yourself time to sort through where to go from here, and protect your energy.

CAPRICORN: This week is about speaking on what you know, and finding empowerment within communication, Capricorn. Be confident in the things you are clear about right now, and be prepared to express yourself and your ideas more this week. You are headed on a new journey, take your mind too.

AQUARIUS: This week is a more career/financially focused week for you and you are taking those first steps towards a new beginning, Aquarius. Use your skills, talents, and willpower to direct you to where you need to be, and know that the right people will follow and catch up to you, Aquarius.

PISCES: Victory is yours for the taking this week, and things are heating up in your life right now, Pisces. This week is a time of success, and one where you are feeling more recognized and supported than you have been. The Sun moves out of your sign and into Aries this week- yet you are still shining.


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