Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 25 - Mar. 31

Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 25 - Mar. 31

Energy of the Week:

This week is about trust, clarity, and self-discovery. The week begins with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and it's time to find your balance right now. Eclipses bring massive changes, and it's best to go with the flow with what is transforming right now, trusting that everything is working out in your favor. On March 29, Pallas goes Retrograde in Sagittarius, and Pallas Retrograde helps you reassess your creative vision and potential, and being in Sagittarius, will be inspiring you to see a wider perspective here. By the end of the week Vesta enters Cancer and this energy helps you establish where you want to commit and nurture more, and where you need to let go in order to do so. Overall, this week is bringing in some change before Mercury Retrograde begins next week and puts some things on pause.


Mar. 25: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Mar. 29: Pallas Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mar. 31: Vesta enters Cancer



Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week is the week to own your power and focus on creating the life of your dreams, Aries. You are rising above old insecurities and self-doubt and are feeling more capable of the path you see for yourself and your future. You are a magical being, worthy of living a magical life- know that.

TAURUS: Life is coming full circle, and you are seeing the gifts of today. This is a fulfilling week for you, Taurus, and a time when you are financially seeing a positive culmination in your life. The seeds you have been planting by yourself and with others are growing, and you are abundant in all ways.

GEMINI:  This week is shaking things up for you and creating some transformations through divine intervention, Gemini. Know that was is leaving your life wasn’t meant for your heart, and the clarity you are finding through the fog is bringing in a personal awakening right now. You deserve to feel free.

CANCER: This week is the time to communicate your vision, your perspective, and your needs, Cancer. By opening up a little more to others, you allow a bridge to built from your heart to the heart of the people you want to get closer to. This week is the time to speak up and lead the way, Cancer.

LEO: More patience is required of you right now while you wait for some things to fall into place, Leo. As long as you keep your focus on your intentions and the things you want rather than what isn’t happening for you yet- you will remain in a good headspace. Don’t doubt your progress.

VIRGO: This is a week of clarity, inspiration, and growth, Virgo. You are seeing things clearly and are recognizing the value in what has happened, what is now, and what you can create for yourself. Know that when you align with your authenticity you allow people to see you and show up too.

LIBRA: Open your heart to the gifts of the present and the power of your future, Libra. With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign as the week begins, you are moving through a lot of change and transformation right now, and it’s about remaining hopeful for what is to be for you. Trust love.

SCORPIO: You are a powerhouse this week and are feeling the energy and passion towards your goals, Scorpio. This is a week of heightened insight and clarity, and a time of reminding yourself just how capable you are of wonderful things. Be you, and allow your light to shine the way it’s supposed to.

SAGITTARIUS: This week is a groundbreaking week for you that is allowing you to rebuild and gain some renewed stability, Sagittarius. It’s about connecting to the people who support you and make you feel safe, and building within this community. Trust the present moment, and give and receive freely.

CAPRICORN: Love is coming full circle, and relationship growth is taking place for you this week, Capricorn. This is a week of dreams unfolding and figuring out where you feel connected and committed in certain relationships, and where you are working on letting go more. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

AQUARIUS: This week is a time of gaining some clarity on finances and seeing the gifts of where things are headed for you right now. You are owning your skills, talents, and perspectives, and by being patient with what you are building, you have allowed a positive transformation to take place, Aquarius.

PISCES: This week you are being reminded to give yourself and others a little more grace, Pisces. Choose your peace rather than your challenges, and try to give an olive branch right now. Things are coming full circle, new perspectives are coming in, and you are overcoming to claim your joy.

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