Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 6 - Mar. 12

Weekly Horoscopes: Mar. 6 - Mar. 12

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This week is another week of finding your balance and prioritizing your time and energy in ways in which you can manage, Aries. Look at what you have planned for the week, and ask your heart what feels right, and what doesn't feel like you. You are learning to check-in with yourself more right now.
TAURUS: Some important decisions need to be made this week, Taurus. This week is about looking at your own perspective of things, and not letting others' opinions cloud your vision. Give yourself some time, then be prepared to ask yourself the tough questions that are going to lead you to growth and clarity.
GEMINI:  Miracles are unfolding for you this week, Gemini. This is a week of full circle moments that bring you deep happiness, and about feeling the excitement in your life. Blessings are pouring down onto you, and you have made the space to receive them all. Enjoy where you are, live in gratitude, and have fun.
CANCER:  This is a week of profound clarity for you, Cancer. You are seeing things clearly right now, and guiding others toward their own conclusions and spiritual growth as well. Your guidance for the week is to trust your intuition, look at how much you have mentally grown recently, and to feel empowered with yourself.
LEO:  Things are happening for you this week, Leo. There is a lot to get done, but there are people around you helping you do just that. This week is all about putting your plans and ideas into motion and creating something beautiful in your life. You are reaching new heights and enjoying this time with others.
VIRGO: Emotions run high with a Full Moon in your sign this week, Virgo, and you are feeling all the feels. As dreams come true and your manifestations appear, it's normal to feel a sense of nostalgia for what once was, just make sure you are looking ahead more than you are looking behind. You are free, Virgo.
LIBRA: You are moving in synergy this week, Libra. The vibes are right and you have everything you need to succeed. This week is all about feeling balanced within the giving and receiving in your life, and about financially seeing some positive growth and opportunities. Meditate, relax, and get out of your own way.
SCORPIO: This week is about emotional clarity, leaving the past behind, and about choosing yourself, Scorpio. Know that any stagnation you are feeling is an opportunity to reflect and feel things through before a new phase of your life begins. This week is a time for healing, letting go, and getting re-inspired, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  Success is yours right now, Sagittarius. This week you are feeling empowered by the forces that be, and are seeing more things work in your favor. You have been through a journey that has been a bit chaotic at times, and now you are seeing more things make sense and are feeling a coming together in life.
CAPRICORN:  This week is all about owning your vision, and putting your inspirations into motion, Capricorn. Believe in the power you hold to claim your successes, and know that you will be supported as you take a leap of faith right now. New life is blooming for you, and you are letting go of self-doubt.
AQUARIUS: This is a week of abundance for you, Aquarius. Culminations are appearing, and they are positively influencing your financial world. Life is fruitful, and there is so much to be grateful for. Saturn officially leaves your sign this week after being here since March 2020, and you can finally take a breath of fresh air.
PISCES:  Breakthroughs are happening for you this week, Pisces. This week is about overcoming challenges, putting the work in, and learning something new. Be open to new perspectives and paths to take, and honor this time of life you are in right now, as there are many gifts here. A lot is changing for you this week.

Energy of the Week:

This week is major. First, we have a Full Moon in Virgo at the start of the week on March 7th, and this is exactly the healing energy the world needs as the Saturn in Aquarius transit comes to a close. This Virgo Full Moon is all about letting go, getting inspired, and opening the heart to healing, clarity, and growth. On the same day, Saturn enters Pisces after transiting through Aquarius since March 2020. Saturn in Aquarius was an awakening time for the world and was all about breaking down any facades or systems that don't work for all, and about honoring what's authentic, real, and progressive. Saturn's move into Pisces this week is game-changing as some conclude their Saturn Return and other's now enter. Saturn in Pisces brings emotions to the forefront, and is a time of transformation, clarity, forgiveness, and spirituality. This week there is a lot to unpack as life unfolds.

Mar. 7: Full Moon in Virgo

Saturn enters Pisces

Mar. 11: Juno enters Taurus


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