Weekly Horoscopes: May 20 - May 26

Weekly Horoscopes: May 20 - May 26

Energy of the Week:

This week is about clarity, guidance, and self-empowerment. There are a lot of powerful transits happening this week, and it starts with the Sun entering Gemini at the start of the week on May 20st. This Gemini Season has a little more luck and positivity to it, and a lot will be changing during this time. On May 23, there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius and this is the Flower Moon of the year. It's time to let go of what doesn't serve your growth, and give your flowers to the people and places in your life where it does. Venus enters Gemini on the same day, and the different dynamics in love will be highlighted during this time. On May 25th before the week ends, Jupiter makes its way into Gemini where it will be until June 2025. Jupiter in Gemini brings blessings when it comes to communication, networking, creative and business ventures, and collaboration. Overall, this is an inspiring and rewarding week.


May 20: Gemini Season Begins

May 23: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Venus enters Gemini

May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini 


Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week is all about learning from the past, and letting go of what hasn’t been serving you here, Aries. Pay attention to teachers and guides that come into your life and shift your perspective to something that aligns with your inner harmony. An open mind will create miracles in your life now.

TAURUS: Taurus Season comes to an end as you enter this week, and this allows you to take a step back and asses all you have gained over the past month. You are in a space now where you can see what makes you happy and what doesn’t, and there is a clear path on the way towards more bliss, Taurus.

GEMINI: This week is about perspective and creating the life you dream of, Gemini. Your season is here, and lucky Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the week as well. There is a massive shift happening for you that you are going to feel over the next year- embrace change, embrace yourself.

CANCER: It’s all coming together and making more sense to you right now, Cancer. This week is rejuvenating you in mind, body, and spirit, and giving you guidance on why things have been the way they have. Work together with people who get you and the direction you are headed on, and trust.

LEO: This week for you, Leo, is about finding and owning your strength, and rising above challenges in your life. If you can look at things as an opportunity rather than an obstacle right now, you can find your way through. Remember to not lose sight of the growth and joy in your life on the way there.

VIRGO: It’s all about living intentionally this week, Virgo. You have the right mindset and the right focus to turn your dreams into a reality, and it’s time to quiet the chatter that tells you otherwise. Believe in yourself and your inner power, and do what makes you fulfilled. You are shining in your truths.

LIBRA:  This week is all about reciprocity, Libra. You are finding your balance in life and are being guided to open up more to receive. You deserve the gifts, love, and treasures you share and it’s time for some more of this energy to come back to you. Remember how worthy and valuable you are this week.

SCORPIO: This is a week of rebirth and clarity for you, Scorpio. You have your eyes focused on your intentions and what you want to bring to fruition, and it’s time for a breakthrough. Keep things simple and get clear on the things you want. There is a new door opening in your life this week, own it.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus on the beauty of who you are, Sagittarius. Your soul needs to be heard and seen, and this acceptance needs to come from you first and foremost. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” This week is about taking deep breaths, and getting back to the magic that is you, Sag.

CAPRICORN: This week is about movement and freedom, Capricorn. Things are changing for you right now and this change can feel a little unsettling at first as you adjust to the currents. Know that as you move forward, you are exactly where you need to be and that more clarity will come to you as well.

AQUARIUS: This week is about being kinder to yourself, and taking care of your heart, Aquarius. You are finding new ways to emotionally regulate, and it’s time to give yourself some more grace through this journey. There are glimmers of hope coming in for you this week, take note of them.

PISCES: Self-awareness, inspiration, and rebirth are what this week is about for you, Pisces. You are moving through a time of clearing away the fog and confusion in your life, and seeing things for what they are. Know that you always have the power to decide, and that you are capable of choosing right.


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