Weekly Horoscopes: May 22 - May 28

Weekly Horoscopes: May 22 - May 28

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  This week is a time of claiming your blessings, Aries. Everything is coming together, and your dreams are in plain sight. This is a good week to take hold of the opportunities presenting themselves to you and to have some more fun with it all. You have come a long way, and you deserve this break.
TAURUS:  Make a wish, Taurus. Jupiter entered your sign recently, and the good vibes are rolling for you. Dreams are coming true, and you are feeling more inspired, enlightened, and passionate than you have in the past. Keep yourself focused on the magic you are creating in your life right now, and believe.
GEMINI:  This is a week of clarity for you, Gemini. Gemini Season has officially begun, and you are seeing things clearly right now. You are sticking to the facts this week and presenting information you have been pondering over. You are seeing an opening in your life, and are moving forward freely.
CANCER:  Patience is necessary this week, Cancer. Think things through, weigh out your options, and then decide what is best for you. If you rush or force too much this week than you may be met with more obstacles then necessary. Use the inspiration and passion you are feeling right now in a grounded way.
LEO:  This week is a time of going within, Leo. New doors have opened to you, but you need more time before walking through them. You are spending time in your safe spaces, preparing for the new journey ahead. Cleanse the mind, body, soul, and spirit, and be patient with yourself this week.
VIRGO:  You are moving beyond what's been and into something new Virgo. This week is all about letting go of what no longer serves you, and about putting your well-being first. A spark has been lit in your life and you are seeing things in a new light. This clarity feels like letting go and becoming at the same time.
LIBRA:  This week is about the financial growth and opportunity you are seeing right now, Libra. You are in a position to receive greater blessings in your life, and you are being reminded that your dreams, aspirations, and skills are protected. You are wise enough to make the best decisions for yourself right now.
SCORPIO:  Some new information is coming to the forefront for you this week, Scorpio. This is a week where the light bulbs are going off, and you are opening to new perspectives. Use your creative inklings to create something new in your life, and focus on your passions right now. You are free to wonder.
SAGITTARIUS:  This is a week of letting go, Sagittarius. You have been protecting your energy and creating some much-needed boundaries in your life, and you are in a space of rejuvenation this week. Love is renewing, the sky is clearing, and you are protected by divine timing. Let things come, let things go.
CAPRICORN:  Love, family, friendship, and abundance are the focus this week, Capricorn. There is a coming-together happening in your life, and there is a lot to be grateful for right now. Things are happening better than expected, and your inner child is healing. You deserve to feel good, bask in the moment.
AQUARIUS: This is a big week of clarity for you, Aquarius. You can't deny what's in front of you anymore, and there is an opportunity for acceptance, renewal, and growth presenting itself to you this week. Let go of how you thought it would be, accept what is, and feel into how you want it to be. Clarity births freedom.
PISCES:  Opportunity strikes this week, Pisces. You are feeling enlivened by the change of pace this week, and are moving forward with a sense of inner confidence, resilience, and courage. You are giving yourself the love you deserve, and are reaching some important milestones and personal successes.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about trust. A lot of things are coming together this week, but it can also feel like a lot of things are piling up. Take your time, give yourself and others grace, and focus on your intentions. Meditation helps if you feel like you need to find your center again or clear the mind from chaos. There is a First Quarter Moon in Virgo happening on the 27th, and at the end of the week, opportunities will be presenting themselves to find a better way to do something or see something through. Remember it isn't always about how much you can do, but how effectively you can do it.


May 27: First Quarter Moon in Virgo


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