Weekly Horoscopes: May 23 - May 29

Weekly Horoscopes: May 23 - May 29

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This week is all about your financial world, getting things in order, and appreciating how far you have come on this journey, Aries. You have achieved many victories on your path in life, and right now is about acknowledging that this has come from your dedication, hard work, and knowledge of how valuable you are.
TAURUS: Cry if you need to, take time to mend the heart, and know that your heart will continue to grow, rebuild, and love for time to come, Taurus. You are in a space of needing to accept what is, and stand in your power on what you want to become. Divine intervention has been at play, but you will recover from this.
GEMINI: You have been on a journey to clear the mind, understand your vision, and speak your truths, Gemini. This week is a continuum of that energy, and you have a lot to say right now. Be patient with what you are trying to get across, meditate, and remind yourself that you have time to sort things out and see the truth.
CANCER: You are the Queen/King of your own world, Cancer- never forget that. This week is all about standing in your self-empowerment and leading the way forward. You are sitting in a good place right now and have a lot of treasures and achievements on your belt. You deserve this, Cancer. Be free.
LEO: This week is a week of new beginnings for you within your heart, Leo. New love, new emotional experiences, and the seed of your intentions are blooming. Have fun with what is presenting itself to you right now, and allow yourself to be loved. Pleasant surprises are in store for you this week, Leo.
VIRGO: This week is the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of a new one, Virgo. You are in a space of culminations, endings, and renewal, and there is no time limit you need to give yourself to move through this process. You have done what you needed to do, and are protected every step of the way, Virgo.
LIBRA: Patience is key this week, Libra. Allow things some time to sort themselves out, and don't get too hung up on what is or isn't right now. There is a sense of a pause in movement this week, and needing to rest more, take the time to process, and give yourself a chance to gain your balance again. All is well, Libra.
SCORPIO: You have been on a journey of moving away from what doesn't serve you and listening to what your heart is saying. This week instead of moving away, you are moving within. Give yourself time to look at the relationships in your life, which ones nourish and which ones deplete, and choose for yourself, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a week of transformation for you, Sag. Remind yourself this week that if things are feeling out of your control, instead of trying to control outcomes and fit anything into a box, let what's falling become what it needs to be. This week is a powerful week for you, and some dynamics are changing now.
CAPRICORN: The path is clear for you to be, create, and be fearless in the pursuit of your happiness, Capricorn. This week is all about feeling empowered, confident, and bold with where life is taking you right now. You have the power in your hands, and you are the creator of your happiness. Don't doubt yourself.
AQUARIUS: This week is a week of spiritual contemplation, and understanding of what has been going on within, Aquarius. Emotions are flowing, your intuition is strong, and some truths are being revealed to you right now. Remember that you get to decide where you go from here, and to trust your gut instincts.
PISCES: Your guidance for the week is to pay attention to what is working out for you and blooming in your life, rather than focusing too much on what is not. Not all is lost, and you have some amazing gifts in your sphere to acknowledge this week, Pisces. Don't forget the love and forgiveness in your heart.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about knowing when to rest and when to move. With Mars entering Aries in the beginning of the week, everything we feel we need to do or move forward with becomes even more imminent to us. Mars in Aries likes to move fast, however, we are still in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, and there may be more detours and obstacles surrounding than we may like. This week is about remaining patient with what is unfolding at this time. With Venus moving into Taurus at the end of the week, the opportunities to indulge in a little luxury and what makes you truly satisfied and content in life are there. Self-care should be the priority this week.

May 24: Vesta enters Pisces

May 24: Mars enters Aries

May 28: Venus enters Taurus 


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