Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 14 - Nov. 20

Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 14 - Nov. 20

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Open your heart to the possibilities, Aries. This week is a time of compassion, emotional rejuvenation, and taking care of the heart. New developments are taking place for you that are creating the right atmosphere for your dreams in love to come true. Look out for opportunities, and open your heart to receive.
TAURUS:  Trust your intuition right now, Taurus. If something has been feeling off, trust that you have the tools necessary to move out of an uncomfortable situation, and into safety. Review all motives, check in within, and choose a path for yourself that aligns with your integrity, and long-term goals in life, Taurus.
GEMINI:  You are gaining new ground, and tapping into your inner power this week, Gemini. This is a week of feeling on top of things and feeling the success you have been working so hard for. Remember that all great leaders lead with love, and to inspire those around you through your determination and faith.
CANCER:  Cancer, this week is all about slowing down. Challenges with others are often a result of a battle we are facing within, and instead of forcing peace right now, try to give yourself that grace and resolution internally first. This week is about taking a break, reflecting on what has occurred, and making new plans.
LEO:  This week is all about letting go of overthinking and healing the mind, Leo. You can get more rest by putting the phone down before bed, meditating, and exercising. Your mental health is a priority this week, and you are being guided to focus on letting go of the worries and doubts, and to get back to you, Leo.
VIRGO:  Your heart knows the way, Virgo. This week is a time of assessing the recent losses and the recent wins, and rediscovering the truth that they go hand in hand. When one door doesn't open, trust that there is another that does in its place. You are not falling, you are being redirected. Trust love.
LIBRA:  This is a week of working together with others and bringing an important project and prospect to fruition, Libra. You out of anyone know that working with others often brings a greater benefit than working alone, and this week is about using this unique skill of yours and creating something beautiful, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Emotional healing and replenishment are taking place this week, Scorpio. This week is a time of walking away from experiences and perspectives that don't serve the heart or where you are headed; and about taking those first steps toward freedom. Let go of old stories, and create your new day.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about perspective, Sagittarius. You are moving into a time of enlightenment and purpose, with Venus and Mercury both entering your sign this week. Give yourself all the room and love you need to grow right now, and look forward to the future with optimism. You are on the right track, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  You are being guided to look at yourself with more loving and honest eyes, Capricorn. Don't dim your shine for the sake of anyone else's comfort or from the perspective that is where you belong. You belong in light, abundance, and comfort. This week is about picking yourself up, and choosing yourself, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS:  A game of balance is at play this week, Aquarius, just make sure you are balancing what is important to you rather than what you think others need of you. By taking care of yourself and getting you right first, you are more capable of being there for others and giving it your all. This week is about prioritizing.
PISCES:  Dreams are coming true for you, and this is a week of positive energy, Pisces. Make a wish, believe in your future, and look at yourself as the Star you are. This is a week of inner awakening and a time were blessings are flowing toward you effortlessly. Give and receive freely, and know that you are taken care of.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about remaining open to a new perspective. Although we are still in Scorpio Season, the energy begins to move more into Sagittarius this week. On Nov. 16th Venus enters Sagittarius on the same day of the Last Quarter Moon in Leo, and things are heating up. Love gets interesting and emotions move to new heights. Venus in Sagittarius loves its freedom, and this week is a time of exploring your needs and wants in love, and discovering the perspective that your heart needs to get there or maintain that. On November 17th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, and Mercury in Sag is outspoken, bold, and enlightening energy. Spirituality is always more heightened in open-minded Sagittarius energy, and this week mental health and healing are everything.  


Nov. 16: Venus enters Sagittarius

Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Nov. 17: Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov. 20: Vesta enters Pisces

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