Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 21 - Nov. 27

Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 21 - Nov. 27

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  Protect your energy, Aries. This week is about being conscious of where you are spending your time and energy, and letting go of who or what doesn't respect it. Clarity is prevailing in your world, and it's helping you move through a breakthrough, even if this may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning.
TAURUS:  Miracles are occurring for you this week, Taurus. This week is all about connecting with the divine, feeling the power of your life, and walking through fortune times. You are flying above, reaching your destiny, and living free. This week is reminding you how beautiful life can really get for you, Taurus.
GEMINI:  This week is a time to ground your energy, and take a moment to see how far you have come, Gemini. This week is all about recalling your energy and your power, and defining where it is you go from here. Make sure you are looking to the future with optimism and self-belief, and know that life is evolving for you.
CANCER:  You are walking through a new door this week, Cancer. This week is all about renewal for you, and you are coming to an important clearing after the mountain you have climbed. Your guidance for the week is to get inspired by the mysteries that are unfolding for you right now and trust that you are guided.
LEO:  This week is all about communication for you, Leo. This is the time to express yourself and to let go of this restriction you have placed upon yourself from speaking your truths. Clear the throat chakra, and align with your authenticity. There is a big release taking place for you this week, and you are healing.
VIRGO: This week is a time of rejuvenation, manifestation, and full-circle moments for you, Virgo. Through the emotional healing that has taken place for you, you are feeling a little more whole right now. You have been recharging your energy and are in a powerful place to receive blessings. You are a Star, Virgo.
LIBRA:  This week is about putting yourself first more, Libra. You are being reminded of the gifts that are here for you in the present moment, and this week is all about getting back to you. Don't give up when you are almost there, and remember the power of your existence. You have everything you need within you.
SCORPIO:  You are rising up, Scorpio. This is a week of divine enlightenment and grace, and you are experiencing more magic moments on your journey. When you can acknowledge that everything outside of you is a creation from within, you can see that the beauty you are seeing right now, is within you too.
SAGITTARIUS:  Sagittarius Season begins this week, and there is a powerful New Moon in your sign this week as well, Sag. This is the week to believe, create, and believe. Divine support is coming through for you right now, and you are connected to all that is. Set your intentions and get honest about what you want, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another for you, Capricorn. There is an energetic shift happening for you this week and you are being awakened to some new clarity. Remember that change isn't something to be feared and that answers to your prayers usually arrive when you least expect it.
AQUARIUS:  Magic and positive experiences are flowing into your world this week, Aquarius. You have had to learn some tough lessons recently, and this week you are seeing the self-empowerment that has come through from this newfound wisdom. You have learned so much and are ready to share this inspiration.
PISCES:  Past, present, and future are coming together as one, and this is a week of letting go of old stories from the past and creating your new day, Pisces. Know that you are free and that you are in the perfect position to recreate for yourself right now. This week is about letting go and rewriting your story, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about fulfilling your dreams. The week begins with the Sun moving into Sagittarius on Nov. 22, and Sagittarius Season begins. Sagittarius Season is a time where adventure abounds, hope is prevalent, and blessings have room to enter. Fire Sign energy is always full of passion, and this time is no different. On Nov. 23rd there is a New Moon in Sagittarius, and Jupiter goes Direct on the same day after being Retrograde for the past few months. The message is clear; rewards come once lessons are learned. This week is a time to stand in your empowerment, let go of the past, and pay attention to the gifts that are coming through for you right now. Remember, you are what you seek.

Nov. 22: Sagittarius Season begins

Nov. 23: New Moon in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Pisces goes Direct


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