Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 7 - Nov. 13

Weekly Horoscopes: Nov. 7 - Nov. 13

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This week is a spark of inspiration for you, Aries. New ideas and creative visions are coming to the forefront, and you are taking a leap of faith in something this week. Envision what success would look like for you right now, and know that you can count on yourself to see your dreams and aspirations through, Aries.
TAURUS:  This week is all about perspective, Taurus. Your guidance for the week is to make sure you focus positively on that which you want to see come to fruition and to not lose sight of where you are headed. New details and information are coming into your life, and it's helping you make some important decisions.
GEMINI:  This week is all about getting grounded, Gemini. You are spending more time in the home and around those that make you feel safe and supported, and this is a week to rest, renew, and focus on the solid foundations in your life right now. You are connecting the dots and feeling a sense of fulfillment.
CANCER:  Everything is coming together for you this week, Cancer. This week is a time of intentions coming to fruition, and feeling a strong sense of abundance and connection in your life. You have people around you to enjoy this life with, and this week is all about taking the time to smell the Roses, Cancer.
LEO:  This is a week of harmony, emotional fulfillment, and joy, Leo. You are reaching some pinnacle points of the year right now, and experiencing the gifts of believing in yourself and your dreams. Celebrate how far you have come and how much love you have around you right now, and know you deserve this.
VIRGO: This week is all about letting go of any heaviness and taking the high road, Virgo. Choose your peace, your integrity, and what you know, and move forward into your brighter days. You are being reminded of the importance of letting go of any emotional weight that isn't yours to carry. Center your energy.
LIBRA: This week is all about tapping into your inner abundance, Libra. You are making way on some important goals and achievements, and are experiencing a new perspective financially that is serving you well. Continue to live in gratitude while remaining excited for what is to come. Abundance awaits.
SCORPIO: This week is a time to celebrate life, Scorpio. You are hearing some good news this week and feeling a sense of things turning around for the better. Remember to take time to celebrate yourself and where you are right now, and to make time for the things that make you truly happy and excited.
SAGITTARIUS:  Use your voice, Sagittarius. This week is all about using your newfound clarity to express yourself and the direction you are headed right now. This is a week of inspiration, and play, and there is a lot of activity in your life this week. Use your time wisely, but have fun with what is playing out for you right now.
CAPRICORN:  This week is all about opening the heart, Capricorn. You are feeling more emotional than usual this week and this is a sign to connect within and listen to your body and what's taking shape right now. You are ready to let go of the past and move forward into some more emotionally nourishing experiences.
AQUARIUS:  You are feeling aligned within, and speaking your truth right now, Aquarius. This week for you is about seeing things the way they are, and about letting go of any excess in your life. You are living in your courage and your strength and are letting go of any toxicity that's been clouding your perspective. Be free.
PISCES:  This week is a time of deep healing for you, Pisces. There has been some loss and some emotional awakening in your life recently, and you are ready to address what's occurred and focus on healing. This week is a time of being there for yourself, giving yourself time to just be, and about letting go of the pain.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about letting go and moving into love. The star of the show this week is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in Taurus in the beginning of the week on November 8th, otherwise known as the Blood Moon Eclipse of the year. This Full Moon is a powerful time of letting go, connecting with the heart, and gaining clarity in regard to relationships and financial matters. Being in the thick of Scorpio Season right now, Taurus' opposite sign, we are a playing a game of balance this week and learning about the importance knowing when to act and when to remain patient. This week is bringing in some major clarity.


Nov. 8: Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


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