Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 10 - Oct. 16

Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 10 - Oct. 16

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This is a week full of mystery and magic, Aries. New opportunities are flowing into your world, and the possibilities are endless. Continue to look to the future with optimism, and heal your world. This week is all about appreciating those little moments of bliss, and aligning with your peace of mind.
TAURUS: This week is all about reflection, Taurus. As the seasons change, so have your circumstances, and this week is about taking the time to reflect on what's been so that you can feel more prepared for what is to come. You are connecting with your inner clarity, and seeing some things in a new light this week.
GEMINI: Tables are turning this week and creations take on new form, Gemini. This week is all about recognizing the patterns that are playing out in your life at this time, and seeing how things are coming together. Remember that you are divinely supported and protected on your journey in life, and to trust your path.
CANCER:  This week is a time of transformation and change, and you are getting the clarity right now, Cancer. The intentions you have been setting in your life and the seeds you have been nurturing are flourishing, and this week is about enjoying the new beginnings you are seeing in your life right now. Trust in love.
LEO:  This is a wake-up call week and you are getting the answers you have been looking for, Leo. As the tides change and new opportunities present themselves, you are being given a chance to take note of where you are, where you can let go more, and where its time to ask for support. Find your balance.
VIRGO:  This is a powerful week for you, Virgo. You have trusted your inner guidance system, and it has led you to a path you enjoy being on. There is beauty in believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams, and you are experiencing a breath of fresh air this week. Continue to trust your instincts, and thrive.
LIBRA:  Celebrations are in store this week, as you let go and enjoy the moment more, Libra. This week is a time of making your happiness the priority, and enjoying your time. Write a list of gratitude, take the time to appreciate everything that is in your world right now, and have some fun this week, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Patience and peacefulness are key for you this week, Scorpio. This week is a time to take things slow, give yourself time to grow through what is presenting itself, and focus on the intentions you are weaving into your reality right now. Know that divine timing is working in your favor, and you will succeed.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about getting grounded, Sagittarius. Life is coming full circle, and you are being reminded of your dreams and what truly matters to you in life. Connect to the beauty and magic in your world. This is a powerful week of seeing manifestations appear, and abundance is here for you, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  This week is all about going with the flow, and trusting that everything is working out for you, Capricorn. Envision everything going smoothly for you right now, and what it would feel like to allow more and do less. You deserve a life of freedom and ease and you are finding your flow and synergy this week.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about reclaiming your power, Aquarius. Know that it doesn't matter what is around you or what accomplishments you have had thus far, you are powerful and worthy just as you are today. Give yourself grace, care, and support, and check-in with yourself this week, Aquarius.
PISCES:  A new day is dawning for you this week, Pisces. The fog is clearing, and you are able to see the beauty that is appearing in your life right now. Previous challenges you have been through are that of the past, and there is a new opening in life coming in for you this week. Trust that good things are happening for you.

Energy of the Week:

This is a week of celebrating where you are today. There are new beginnings and opportunities flowing in this week, and things are changing because of this. With Mercury moving into Libra as the week begins on Oct. 10 until Oct. 29, the mind turns towards what is peaceful, what we feel is beautiful, what is true, and most of all, love. Mercury in Libra seeks justice, balance, and is the charmer and the romantic of life. This week is reminding us to enjoy the little things, to look for beauty wherever you go, and to share the love with the people around you. Life is to short to be anything but lived and fully loved.


Oct. 10 : Mercury enters Libra


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