Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 16 - Oct. 22

Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 16 - Oct. 22

Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week you are opening up to something new in your life, Aries. You are emotionally flowing in synergy with the energy of the week, as you wrap up one chapter of your life and enter a new one. Get creative with where things are going for you right now, be open minded, and honor your beauty.
TAURUS:  Protect your energy, and see yourself as the worthy being you are, Taurus. This week is about balancing the yin and yang in your life, and about using your power for good. Ask yourself what is important to you right now, and stand by it. You are moving through a space of positive transformation, Taurus.
GEMINI: Life is all about cycles, Gemini. Things come, things go, things work out, and things don’t. No matter what is happening, know that everything is where it should be, including yourself. There are true treasures and gifts in you world, and if you can slow down, process, and accept, you can clearly see them.
CANCER:  This week is giving you a second chance, Cancer. An opportunity to claim your power, and to allow abundance to fill your world. Trust your divine intuition right now, and pay attention to the guidance you are receiving this week. You are healing, and you are better than what has been, Cancer.
LEO:  Your guidance for the week is to choose your battles wisely, Leo. Rise above the chaos, and seek peace because that’s what you deserve at the end of the day. Things will work out for you, don’t make things harder on yourself or anyone else than they need to be. Claim your freedom, and accept peace this week.
VIRGO:  This week is about the little things, Virgo. Bring more love and care to your intentions, and trust that what you are doing right now will be worth it. You have grown so much this year, and it’s time you honor your wisdom. Life is unfolding for you in beautiful ways, and the love is in the details right now, Virgo.
LIBRA:  Be flexible this week, Libra. Prepare for change, and accept it knowing it is here to serve you at the end of the day. We are in between Eclipses, and after the one in your sign last week, you need some time to adjust to the currents of your life. Know that what’s falling is being rebuilt. Remember your strength.
SCORPIO: This week is bringing a rebirth into your life, Scorpio. You are tapping into your divine potential, and honoring the different cycles and transformations of your life. This week is about claiming your power, walking the walk, and expressing yourself through your passions. Think more of what you want.
SAGITTARIUS: You are rising above, and moving forward in abundance this week, Sagittarius. There is an opening coming into your life, a break that you’ve been looking for. Your manifestations are appearing for you this week, and your guidance is to claim them, knowing they are yours. Don’t doubt yourself right now.
CAPRICORN:  This is a more emotional week for you, Capricorn. A chapter in your life is closing, and you are taking the time to move through this change and closure. Ask your angels and guides for help when you need it, and trust that things are falling into place behind the scenes. You can handle whatever happens.
AQUARIUS:  This is a week of love, connection, and harmony, Aquarius. Change is evident right now, but so is the love that is surrounding you. This week is about enjoying the partnerships in your life that are fulfilling you right now, and to continue to trust that everything is working out for you in the best ways.
PISCES: You are seen, Pisces. Remember that. The compassion, grace, and love you have shown your world is coming back to you now, and you are in a good space to receive. Magic is filling your world this week, as you see your manifestations appear in your reality. One good thing leads to many others this week.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about overcoming challenges. The week begins with Juno entering Virgo, and relationship matters become more grounded in this energy, especially with Venus in Virgo right now as well. Overall, Juno entering Virgo is a sign that love is healing, and manifestations are appearing. There is a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on the 21st this week, and some important decisions and moves are being made right now. However, remember we are in between Eclipses and things can change a lot by the time the next Eclipse appears at the end of the month. Before the week ends, Mercury enters Scorpio, and divine guidance comes in. Mercury in Scorpio is crystal clear, and communication right now is about expressing your passions, your love, and what matters to you.


Oct. 17: Juno enters Virgo

Oct. 21: First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Oct. 22: Mercury enters Scorpio


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