Weekly Horoscope: Oct. 18 - Oct. 24

Weekly Horoscope: Oct. 18 - Oct. 24

ARIES: Follow the guidance of your soul this week, Aries. You have been connecting to your divine intuition, and there are important messages coming through for you this week. Pay attention to the signs, and create magic in your life through your inspiration. There is a Full Moon occurring in your sign on the 20th this week, and you are closing a major chapter in your life right now. Let go of any fears or things you are holding onto out of a false sense of safety. When you lead with love, you'll find yourself walking in it more.
TAURUS: You are moving mountains this week, Taurus. You have come to an important moment in life this week, and a new day is dawning for you. There is light breaking through where you once felt darkness, and this is an enlightening week for you. Honor your souls inner callings, and go to the places/be around the people that give you a soul resonance. This is a deep week for you, Taurus.
GEMINI: This week is all about release for you, Gemini. It's time to clean house. Release anything that has been feeling cluttered in your life recently and focus on making space for the intentions you are growing in your life right now. Have patience this week, Gemini. It's time to clear the clutter to make way for better things. You've got this, Gemini. 
CANCER:  There are culminations occurring in your world this week, Cancer. Know that the Sun will soon shine again, and new growth will occur. For now, be patient with what life is presenting to you, and find your way through honoring your self-love. Sometimes things need to break so that you can gain clarity, and make way for the new. This too shall pass, beautiful Cancer. Honor your heart right now.
LEO: Life is coming full circle this week, and this is a time of reflection for you, Leo. You are closing some chapters, and getting inspired by what possibilities are ahead. For now, give yourself time with this and release what hasn't been serving you. With a Full Moon occurring in fellow Fire Sign Aries this week, you are ready to leave the past behind, and feel empowered by it. You get to decide what happens for you, Leo.
VIRGO: Patience is a virtue this week, Virgo. There are transformations occurring in your world this week, and it's okay to give yourself some time to process them all. Enjoy the moment, Virgo. Look within, and let the light of your heart lead you forward now. You will find love in the most unexpected places when you can let go, and trust that everything is happening for you and not to you. You deserve a break this week, Virgo. Focus on your well-being, and the love that is growing in your world right now.
LIBRA: The final week of Libra Season is here, and you are being presented with some new opportunities this week. The culminations you are seeing in your life at this time are giving you clarity on where the balance is needed right now. You will find your way, Libra, you always do. Lead with your heart and go to the places you find comfort and hope in, rather than the latter. It's time to clear the mind, and focus on your own perspective right now, Libra.
SCORPIO: You are getting some more time for you this week, Scorpio. Honor the need to get away, and look within right now. You will find the clarity you have been looking for, the hope that remains, and a light within that is leading you forward. What is being reflected back to you this week has to do with the perspectives you've been living in. Do you like what you see in your world, or is it time to release, and gain a new outlook? Scorpio Season begins this week, and it's your time to shine, beautiful!
SAGITTARIUS: Life is moving in your favor always, Sagittarius, but you are especially feeling this energy in your life this week. You have found the key to your most magical treasures, and you are experiencing the success of your efforts. Enjoy where you are, beautiful. With a Full Moon in fellow Fire Sign this week, the culminations you are seeing in your life at this time, are ones that are inspired by your dreams for yourself and your future. Seek gratitude this week.
CAPRICORN: There is beauty and synergy in your world this week, Capricorn. You have been setting your divine intentions for yourself, and are seeing them come full circle in miraculous ways this week. Look around you and seek gratitude for what you have accomplished. You deserve the gratitude, stability, and change that is coming from this week. New structures are being rebuilt, from the release that is occurring for this week.
AQUARIUS: Balance is key this week, Aquarius. This week is all about gaining clarity on where you have been putting your time and energy, and where you want to moving forward. You have it in you to find your way through this. You are seeing a new perspective this week. Things have changed, your love and passion looks different than it did before, and it's time to find new balance in where you are. Clear the way for your new beginnings, Aquarius.
PISCES: You are at an important moment of your life this week, Pisces. This week is about connecting to your safe and sacred spaces and spending time nourishing your world. One drop of change, is leading to a river of magic for you this week, Pisces. Your treasures are within you. Count your blessings, release what doesn't nourish, and show up for yourself right now.

Energy of the week:

This week is all about patience, balance, and honoring the love in your life. Mercury and Jupiter move out of Retrograde and go direct this week, we have a Full Moon in Aries, and Scorpio Season begins.

October 18: Mercury and Jupiter go direct.
October 20: Full Moon in Aries.
October 23: Sun enters Scorpio

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