Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 3 - Oct. 9

Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 3 - Oct. 9

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Love is filling your world this week, Aries. This week is all about positive self-recognition and about loving yourself the way you wish to be loved. With a Full Moon in your sign this week, you are seeing personal culminations in life right now, and are being guided to connect with the heart and trust your intuition.
TAURUS:  You are moving away from what no longer serves this week, Taurus. This is a good week to take a trip, go on an adventure, or just get away from the usual routine and scene. You are seeking more freedom in your experiences this week and are taking yourself out of some shaky waters. All is well, Taurus.
GEMINI: This week is all about getting rest, replenishing, and trusting your inner guidance system, Gemini. Allow things to fall into place this week and give yourself permission to stop the pushing and be in the present. There is a need to take the time to relax and give yourself a break this week as much as you can.
CANCER: This week is all about priorities, Cancer. Use your time and energy wisely and notice what experiences drain you and which ones uplift you. You are gaining the clarity needed this week to where you are seeing what needs to be changed so that you are not feeling overwhelmed or stretched too thin.
LEO: This week is all about connection, collaboration, and working together with others to create something beautiful, Leo. You are in the building phase of some important projects and ideas, and you have the support with you to make some things happen this week. Continue to get inspired and dream big.
VIRGO: This week is all about connecting back to your center, Virgo. You are feeling a strong sense of empowerment this week when it comes to where your mind is and the path you are headed in life. The clarity is there, new adventures abound, and the full picture you are getting right now is bringing fulfillment.
LIBRA: With a Full Moon in your opposite sign this week, you are gaining clarity in regard to matters of the heart, Libra. You are feeling some nostalgia and are taking the time to understand your emotions more. This week is all about finding the balance between what you are letting go and what is coming in, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Patience is essential this week, Scorpio. This week is giving you a moment to pause, regroup, and consider what path you are on and where you want to be. Be patient with what is becoming in your life at this time and know that sometimes you need more time to let things come to the surface.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about gaining self-confidence and being kinder to yourself, Sagittarius. Even if there are still some areas of your life you would like to see improvement, you don't have to wait until then to give yourself the love, care, and appreciation that you deserve now. Don't be so hard on yourself this week, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  This is a transformational week for you, Capricorn. There is a spiritual awakening happening, and you are being cracked open to see the truth of something. Know that what is being revealed to you this week is necessary for you to move on, and that you have the power to decide where you go from here.
AQUARIUS:  This week is bringing in new opportunities financially into your life, Aquarius. You are at the starting point of some new career, professional, or financial venture, and this is an exciting time for you. Keep your faith and hold your ground, knowing that you have all the wisdom, talent, and ideas to fulfill your dreams.
PISCES:  This week is all about letting go and moving on, Pisces. There has been some heartbreak and transformation your emotions have been going through and you are finally seeing a clearing this week. This week is like being back at square one with open horizons, and you are re-writing your story right now.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about connecting with your passion and purpose. With Vesta and Pluto both going direct this week after being Retrograde the past few months, there is forward movement happening this week and roadblocks are clearing. Pluto is all about personal empowerment and in direct motion we are able to more easily tap into this energy and recognize ourselves as the master of our reality. Transformations are taking place this week and with a Full Hunter Moon in Aries at the end of the week on October 9, some final chapters in life are closing, and there is a letting go taking place. This week is all about building your world, seeing intentions come to fruition, and about connecting to the power of self-love and freedom.


Oct. 5 : Vesta Direct in Aquarius

Oct. 8: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Oct. 9: Full Moon in Aries

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