Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 30 - Nov. 5

Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 30 - Nov. 5

Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week is about remaining patient with where you are headed, protecting your energy, and not losing hope, Aries. You are on the right path and will be where you need to be, but divine intervention is giving you time to sort things out in the process. Get creative with where life can take you.
TAURUS:  Taurus, it’s time to get inspired and take off on a dream. Your mind is opening to all sorts of possibilities, and this energy is coming into your life so you can pursue it and begin a new, unique journey for yourself. You have more support around you than you may know, and you are free to dream.
GEMINI:  This week is all about finding your balance, Gemini. Things have changed, things have come and things have gone, but there is a sense of contentment and ease with where you are now. You have chosen grace over chaos, and are moving through a rebirth. The tables are turning for you, Gemini.
CANCER:  Communicate how you have been feeling, and honor your truths, Cancer. You are seeing things with a new lens, and there is a lot of perspective to grasp this week. Be careful with overthinking and setting your mind into overdrive, and take in what you can handle right now. Open communication heals.
LEO: This week you are being asked to delegate, and to not overburden or over commit, Leo. You can only do so much before you burn out and grow some resentments in the process. Prioritize what you can do now, and trust that what you can’t do isn’t meant to be yet. Claim your freedom, Leo.
VIRGO: You are love, you are loved, and you are feeling this energy in your life this week, Virgo. This week is an emotional one, and one where your heart is taking a breath of fresh air. There is a sense of relief, joy, and beauty in your world this week and you are moving into a new beginning in love and a relationship.
LIBRA:  Pursue your passions, honor your excitement for life right now, and let the fireworks go off, Libra. You are in a fearless time in your life where nothing can stop your direction or where you are headed. This isn’t about rushing your process, however, and your are being guided to balance passion with patience.
SCORPIO: This week is about choosing your battles wisely, and offering an olive branch of peace, Scorpio. You can’t change another’s perspective of you, but that doesn’t mean you have to claim it as your truth either. It’s not about proving anyone wrong, it’s about proving yourself right, Scorpio. Forgive and you win.
SAGITTARIUS:  Options, options, options! Are they worth fretting yourself over, Sagittarius? New doors are opening for you in love, but you may need some more time to uncover your true desires. Those worthy of your focus will give you that time, those that make a fuss about it may not be. You have the power to choose, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  Abundance is meant for you, Capricorn. This week is freeing, and it’s been a long time coming. There is a helping hand that is coming into your life, and you are feeling the magnificence of your earthly existence. Financially this is a good week for you, and a time when you see some goals come to fruition.
AQUARIUS:  Things are changing, and that’s okay, Aquarius. You are not meant to stay the same, and life is not meant to stay the same. What is breaking down is being rebuilt, and what is falling, needed to go. Focus more on where you do still feel the ground beneath your feet, and start rebuilding from there.
PISCES:  You are free, you are seen, you are supported, Pisces. This week is a week of recognition, victory, and gaining an upper hand. You are ready to rid yourself of hiding away from your gifts and talents, and are showing up confidently. Use your willpower to move toward your dreams fearlessly.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about new opportunities. Vesta goes Retrograde in Cancer this week and this energy is reflective of where you have been dedicating yourself, where you have been showing more compassion, and how this has validated you or hindered. Saturn finally goes Direct in Pisces this week after being Retrograde since June 2023, and emotionally, this is good news. Saturn Direct in Pisces is bringing less emotionally turmoil, and more emotional understanding, compassion, and direction. Before the week ends, the Moon moves into Leo and there is a Last Quarter Moon in this fiery sign. Last Quarter Moons are all about release and ridding yourself of bad habits or energy in your life, and there is space for closure and renewal here. Overall, there are new doors opening, old doors closing, and the heart is speaking up.


Nov. 2: Vesta Retrograde in Cancer

Nov. 4: Saturn Direct in Pisces

Nov. 5: Last Quarter Moon in Leo


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