Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 9 - Oct. 15

Weekly Horoscopes: Oct. 9 - Oct. 15

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Think of your choices wisely this week, Aries. This week is a time of regaining your passions and aligning with your purpose. New clarity is opening up to you, but you are also being guided to not rush this process. Everything you need will come to you exactly when you need it, trust yourself.
TAURUS: Patience is needed, as is some more self-care, Taurus. Things can get overwhelming if you are not honoring the boundaries this week that you have been setting in place in your life. Everything feels like a lot when you allow it all to pile up. Sort through things, give yourself more grace, and renew.
GEMINI:  There is a spark of new energy and new life in your world this week, Gemini. You are coming out a state of dreaming, and into a space of doing. You are in a good placed to launch something new or begin again. It’s out with the old and in with the new, and you are building your happiness right now.
CANCER:  This week you are being asked to release your grasp on the things you are holding onto too tightly, Cancer. Allowing what’s meant to be to fall into place without trying to control the outcome will serve you well right now. You’ll be surprised to see things turn out better than before, by doing so.
LEO: Communicate what you are feeling, and don’t let things turn into something bigger than they are. This week is a time of starting from square one, and having the freedom to express yourself more freely. Don’t give up on things before they get going, ask for what you need and believe you deserve it, Leo.
VIRGO: Things are changing, and it’s time they do so, Virgo. This week is asking you to find your ground, and look at the transformations occurring as lessons that were meant to be. Facades are falling, and the truth of your abundant reality is being revealed. You are made of the stars, believe it is so.
LIBRA: There is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign this week, and you have an active week ahead of you, Libra. This is your time to stand by the things you are going after right now, and believing in the dreams you are fulfilling. You are aligned with your personal happiness in life, and are running freely.
SCORPIO:  This week is about releasing the burdens that are taking too much time and energy away from your goals and away from you, Scorpio. You are connecting the dots and are seeing clearly where you want to experience a new beginning in life. There is a heaviness that wants to be lifted from you this week.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about taking care of your health and mental well-being, Sagittarius. It’s time to set aside the things that you cannot control, and to trust that divine intervention is here to serve you and not restrict you. Overthinking can create realities that keep you stuck, let go of fearing your outcomes.
CAPRICORN: This week is presenting to you new options and avenues to explore your mind and your heart, Capricorn. The answers are clear, but what is also clear is that you don’t know all of them. Start by opening one new door that is presenting itself, and see where it leads you. You are blooming in your own time.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about perspective and having a higher one of yourself and your current circumstances, Aquarius. You can easily fall back into old behaviors or negative self-beliefs, or you can choose again, and again, until you see yourself as the worthy, loved, and abundant being you are. Honor your worth.
PISCES:  This week you are dipping your toes in the water, Pisces. You are deciding to open a new door in love, and are creating the opportunities for yourself that you have been waiting for here. You are inspiring, and your emotional world has lead you into this space. Allow yourself to receive the love you give.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about opening your heart. There are a lot of big moves being made in the sky this week, and they begin with Pluto going Direct in Capricorn after being in Retrograde since May of this year. Pluto Direct is especially beneficial for Scorpios right now, but overall this energy allows you to feel more comfortable in your personal power, and in the transformations that are occurring for you now. Mars enters Scorpio mid-week, and Mars is in good spirits here. Mars in Scorpio brings in passion, heat, sensuality, and a little mystery. This is a good time to move forward with your intentions and to trust the power of your intuition right now. At the end of the week, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, and we enter Eclipse Season. This Solar Eclipse is all about love, and is bringing an awakening to this area of life this week and beyond.


Oct. 10: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Oct. 12: Mars enters Scorpio

Oct. 14: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra


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