Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 11 - Sep. 17

Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 11 - Sep. 17

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Aries, this week is about tapping into to those small moments of bliss and happiness, and letting your guard down a little more. Love and connection want to enter your world, but it will only move as fast as you are willing it to. Focus on where your heart is expanding and find gratitude in the little things.
TAURUS:  This week is a fresh start for you, Taurus. You are finally seeing things clearer, and your vision for the future has never felt better. This week is a good week to set your intentions and focus on the perspectives you think about the most, as they are manifesting into your reality. Create your dreams, Taurus.
GEMINI: This week is all about reclaiming your power, Gemini. Work with what is presenting itself to you this week, and alchemize your life into one where your efforts show fruition. Know that by standing up for yourself or standing your ground, you create a safe space around you for others to do so as well.
CANCER:  This week is all about perspective and seeing things in a kinder light for yourself, Cancer. You are awakening to some new truths this week and are getting the opportunity to tap deeper into your personal power in life. Things may have felt slow pace recently but you are moving forward quickly now.
LEO:  Take decisive action on your goals this week, Leo. This is a week of opportunity, focus, and vitality. You are ready to create some new dreams in your life and this is a good time to do so. You are realizing your own self-empowerment and capabilities, and this is a productive and invigorating week.
VIRGO:  This week is all about letting your spirit free and finding empowerment through your personal happiness, Virgo. With a New Moon in your sign this week, the light is on you and your new beginnings, and it’s time to dance, have fun, and put your joy first. Life is always changing, but you are ahead of it, Virgo.
LIBRA:  Your strength is needed this week, Libra. This week is about protecting your energy and loved ones, and taking care of the things that matter most. Know that no one can take your power away, and that creating boundaries in your life when necessary, is not keeping you away from anything you need.
SCORPIO:  This week is all about tapping into your heart space and soul energy, Scorpio. You are owning the softness of your experience in life, and choosing forgiveness right now. This week is a time of peace, acceptance, and a new beginning for you. Think about the legacy and life you want to live, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  This is a spiritually activated week for you, and your intuition is strong right now, Sagittarius. Life is inspiring, you have more time to just be, and you are trusting the process right now. This is a good week to write lists of intentions, light a candle, and focus on what you are manifesting in your world.
CAPRICORN:  This is another week focused on your current achievements, successes, and the clear path you see towards new goals, Capricorn. You have been owning your power in life, and it’s serving you well. Put some action behind the intentions you are setting right now, and give yourself a clean slate this week.
AQUARIUS: Patience is needed this week as you could be feeling like you need some more time away to yourself, Aquarius. Emotions are running high, but challenges that are presenting themselves now, are only a sign that you may want to redirect your energy elsewhere. Listen to your gut instincts this week.
PISCES:  This is a week of transformation and turning a new page, Pisces. You are finding your balance between what is leaving your life and what is coming in, and owning your voice in the process. You are worthy of a new beginning, ask for some guidance from your angels on how to open up to that now.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about taking action. Pallas enters Libra and Vesta enters Cancer, and with this energy being activated this week, there is a lot of creative potential in the air right now. Mid-week we have a New Moon in Virgo amid Virgo Season, and the energy is powerful this week. This is a good New Moon to set your intentions, be near nature, and connect with Mother Earth to help manifest your dreams. This Virgo New Moon is here to get things done and turn a new leaf. The following day, Mercury moves out of Retrograde and goes Direct in Virgo, further signifying the energy of forward movement, motivation, and taking inspired action towards your dreams and goals. Ceres also enters Scorpio before the week ends, and there are resources available to help facilitate the new beginnings you are forging in your life right now.


Sep. 13: Pallas enters Libra

Vesta enters Cancer

Sep. 14: New Moon in Virgo

Sep. 15: Ceres enters Scorpio

Mercury Direct in Virgo


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