Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 12 - Sep. 18

Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 12 - Sep. 18

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This is a successful week for you, Aries. You are moving into a time of achievement and positive recognition. This week is about gathering your strength and reaching a pinnacle point in life. Know that you are supported right now as you put yourself first a little more, and that new abundance and success awaits.
TAURUS:  Taurus, some self-reflection is well worth the time this week. This week is the time to honor your intuitive guidance, take some time for yourself, and do a mental release through meditation, a vacation, journaling, or a ritual. This week is about finding little moments of joy, and allowing life to unfold.
GEMINI:  Your guidance for the week is to let go a little more, Gemini. Don't hold onto anything out of fear rather than love, and remember that there is plenty to go around. You do not have to hold onto one thing that isn't working, when there are other gifts in your orbit that naturally flow well with you. Let go.
CANCER:  Love is coming full circle for you this week, Cancer. This is a week of feeling the support and appreciation in your life, and your heart is empowered with where it is settling right now. You are moving into a time of happiness, confidence, and clarity. Enjoy where you are and don't miss out on this good.
LEO:  This week is the closing of one chapter, and the start of something new, Leo. You are experiencing a major culmination in your life this week, and are laying some old ghosts to rest. This is the time to learn the lessons, replan what you want moving forward, and to allow transformation to take place.
VIRGO:  Virgo, this week is about connection, creativity, and support. Work together with others in harmony, and create the circumstances you want for yourself. It's okay to let others in a little more, and this is a week where that energy of connection is prominent in your life. Remember to balance work with play.
LIBRA:  Perspective is everything right now, Libra. With Mercury Retrograde moving through your sign right now it can be hard to remain the most positive, but this is the week where if you flip the script and choose to see the good in where you are; you can feel more ease and contentment in your life. Think about it.
SCORPIO:  This is an inspiring and passionate week for you, Scorpio. New paths are opening for you through your devotion to something greater, and you are feeling the excitement in your life right now. Remember to choose the paths that are truly beneficial for you and not ones that talk more than they deliver.
SAGITTARIUS:  You are moving away and moving on right now, Sag. This week is about trusting your internal guidance system and moving away from the situations that aren't serving you. You have come to some conclusions that needed to be seen, and you are supported as you move in the direction that feels best for you.
CAPRICORN:  This week is all about gaining new knowledge and wisdom, and appreciating the light of a new day, Capricorn. You have come to a clearing in your life where you have more room and space to just think, reflect, and replan your steps moving forward. Pay attention to the signs you are receiving this week and allow.
AQUARIUS:  You are moving into new paths this week, and are letting go of emotional experiences that have been weighing you down more than lifting you up, Aquarius. You are getting the full picture right now, and are choosing the path of least resistance. Trust your intuition, and follow your heart right now, Aquarius.
PISCES:  Your intuition is at an all-time high right now, Pisces, and you can trust the messages that are coming through for you. This week is all about letting go, and letting love in. You are making sense of things right now and setting new intentions from the heart. Meditate on it, gain your clarity, and express yourself.

Energy of the Week:

This is a week of opportunity. What is being presented this week is changing the energy moving forward, and it's all about what you do with what is in front of you. Remember to take your time when it comes to new opportunities and with new doors opening, and to ask for advice or help when needed. With a Last Quarter Moon in Gemini happening this week, this is a time of transition, gaining a new perspective, and letting go.


Sep. 17: Last Quarter Moon in Gemini


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