Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 18 - Sep. 24

Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 18 - Sep. 24

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This week is all about perspective, Aries. Listen to your intuition right now, and make sure you are focusing more on where things are moving rather than what is falling away. Your perspective matters, and you are taking the time to understand yours better right now. This week is nostalgic.
TAURUS: Rest when needed, take care of your energy, and don’t over-schedule yourself this week, Taurus. There is a lot to do and tend too, but you’ll want to make sure you are prioritizing your overall goals. You are moving on a new journey right now, and it’s best to pack light for the time being. All is well.
GEMINI:  Gemini, this is a week of exchanging ideas and getting moving on what’s been inspiring you. You are starting fresh in many ways right now, and having a lot of epiphany moments this week. Be careful with the impulsive energy you are also feeling this week, however, and focus more on intentional action.
CANCER:  Everything is coming full circle, and you are exactly where you need to be right now, Cancer. This is a beautiful week of new developments and completion in your life. You are closing one door that you have been working towards and opening a new one that you have hoped for. You can count on your dreams.
LEO: The power is in your hands right now to manifest that which you have been setting your intentions for, Leo. You are feeling confident with what you are creating in your life and at peace with how things are coming in. Take on new opportunities this week, and have trust in your personal self-empowerment.
VIRGO: Virgo, see yourself in the loving eyes the universe does. This week is about looking at what belief systems within you encourage self-doubt and insecurities, and which ones remind you of how worthy you are. You are gaining clarity, choosing forgiveness, and moving forward. Align with your higher self.
LIBRA: Open your heart to the blessings that are entering for you this week, Libra. You are in a peaceful space in life to where you are attracting this type of receptivity and love to you as well. Relationships are developing, new connections are coming, and you are in tune with your emotional world this week.
SCORPIO:  This is a week of new developments financially, career wise, and when it comes to your overall goals in life, Scorpio. Know that you are protected as you work towards your dreams, and that it’s okay to give yourself permission more to enjoy your life and that which you have accumulated for yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: This is an awakening week for you, Sagittarius. You are feeling the passion, enthusiasm, and optimism in your life, and it’s like a light bulb has gone off for you. You know exactly where you want to be and how to get there, and you are creating the space for it to happen. There is a good energy with you.
CAPRICORN: This week is about giving yourself some extra love and TLC, Capricorn. You may be feeling restricted in some way this week or like there are obstacles towards your goals, and a lot of this is coming from not seeing yourself as worthy or ready for what you want in life. Remember who you are, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS:  This is a fruitful week for you, and you are feeling the success in your world, Aquarius. Your independence, determination, and positive intentions are showing fruition in your life, and you are claiming your harvest right now. Through the abundance you are receiving, a new door opens for you.
PISCES:   This week is all about patience, and focusing on the beauty in your world, Pisces. You are creating something in your life right now that needs more time to bloom, and this is a good space to nurture, find compassion, and let things unfold in their own divine timing. Everything is coming together.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about claiming your opportunities. New doors are opening, but with new opportunities, so do new challenges at times. Depending on your perspective this week, you can overcome and choose what resonates with your heart, or you can face some obstacles towards self-discovery. There is a First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius mid-week, and spiritual growth is taking place overall. Libra Season begins before the week ends as does the Fall Equinox, and balance is coming into the collective. What's left your life this Summer is being replaced with something new, and this week is all about allowing those gifts to enter.

Sep. 22: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Sep. 23: Libra Season begins


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