Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 19 - Sep. 25

Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 19 - Sep. 25

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  Gather your strength, remember who you are, and prepare for the future, Aries. This week is about taking a moment for yourself and recouping. The support is with you right now to make some empowered decisions for yourself, and to use the wisdom you have gained this year for your benefit.

TAURUS:  Justice is coming in for you this week, Taurus. This is a week of seeing the outcomes you have been hoping for, and of feeling a deeper sense of balance in your life. As you observe what is unfolding for you this week, know that you are the divine creator of your reality and that more good can always come.
GEMINI:  This week is all about tapping into the energy of abundance, Gemini. You have recently gained some clarity on career and financial matters, and have more support around you right now to help make some of these dreams come true. Continue to set your intentions, plant your seeds, and receive your harvest.
CANCER: Lucky times are in store for you this week, Cancer. This week is a time of believing in the opportunities and gifts that are presenting themselves to you and remaining optimistic. You are evolving on your personal journey, and are reaching new levels of success in your life right now. Remain open.
LEO: This week is a time of new developments in love, Leo. Relationship matters are coming together, and you are seeing progress and the outcomes of your faith. This week is all about connection, giving your attention to love, and allowing this energy into your world more. Focus on what you want, Leo.
VIRGO:  You are moving away and moving on up, Virgo. This week is a time of understanding your emotions and what your intuition is telling you, and leaving spaces that don't resonate. You have come a long way and there is still more life to live, however, you have the power to decide where you choose to be, Virgo.
LIBRA:  The love is blooming in your life this week, Libra. With Libra Season officially beginning, and a New Moon in your sign at the end of the week; the message is clear: What do YOU want Libra? This time is about giving your heart a chance and letting your emotions inspire you rather than overwhelm you, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Things are moving full speed ahead for you this week, Scorpio. This week is a time of opportunity after opportunity, and your guidance this week is to choose wisely and to get excited about where you are headed right now. Remember that you don't have to do this alone, and to connect, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  Fortune is in your favor this week, Sagittarius. This week is a time of cycles changing, and you moving into the next phase of your life. There are good vibes all around you this week, and you are bringing in this positive energy into other people's lives as well. Live out your dreams, and count on yourself, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  Remember your power, Capricorn. This week is all about standing your ground and enforcing boundaries where necessary. Your time, energy, and body, are valuable and there are some things in life you shouldn't have to settle for or waver. Listen to your gut instincts, and balance grace with power.
AQUARIUS:  This week is a time of balance, emotional renewal, and love, Aquarius. There is support and connection with you this week, and your heart is expressing its magic. This week is all about enjoying life, love, and noticing how everything that has happened, has led to this moment. Enjoy where you are.
PISCES:  Positive resolutions and experiences are occurring for you financially this week, Pisces, and there is a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Through the dedication, positive energy, and work you have put into your goals; you are seeing things come to fruition. Have fun with what is appearing for you, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about love. New pathways are opening this week, and it up to you to decide what doors you want to walk through. The week begins with the Sun moving into Libra on Sep. 22. Libra Season this year is all about recovery, healing, and love; and it's when many of the planets that are currently Retrograde, finally go direct. The day after Libra Season, Mercury Retrograde moves out of Libra and into Virgo. The final few weeks of Mercury retro are upon us, what have you learned so far? At the end of the week there is a New Moon in Libra, and things are beginning to move forward again, especially in regards to relationship matters. Make a wish at the end of the week.


Sep. 22: Libra Season begins 

Sep. 23: Mercury Retrograde enters Virgo 

Sep. 25: New Moon in Libra 


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