Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 4 - Sep. 10

Weekly Horoscopes: Sep. 4 - Sep. 10

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This week is all about balance for you, Aries. You are living in harmony with what you are creating and bringing to life right now, and are being asked to notice the good that has already been done as well. The love you have for yourself and your life, flows through your relationships and all your intentions.
TAURUS: This week is more of a moody week for you, Taurus, and you may be in your feels more than usual. At the start of the week, Jupiter goes Retrograde in your sign, and there is some inner work that you will be doing for the rest of the year. Right now, however, you need time to clear the path, regroup, and heal.
GEMINI:  Protect your energy and your boundaries this week, Gemini. There is nothing wrong with protecting your heart when you feel your spark is not being cherished or understood. Don’t fall back into old ways of relating for the sake of company or recognition. You are more than someone’s false idea of you.
CANCER: Things are moving fast for you this week, Cancer. This is a week of obstacles clearing, opportunities appearing, and new life. Move forward with the perspective that you are reaching success and that you have done everything you need to do to reach it. All that is left is self-belief and passion for your life.
LEO: Honor your inner strength and courage this week, Leo. This week may require more diligence and effort, and it’s okay to ask the tough questions right now. Through the truth that is being released, you find happiness, self-empowerment, and fulfillment in the process. Show them what you are made of.
VIRGO: Virgo, this week is about having patience with yourself and your life. Don’t force perspectives and paths that don’t feel right, and trust yourself. Something bigger and better is on the way to you now, but divine timing is encouraging you to wait for better conditions. When the time is right, you will know.
LIBRA: This week is about having fun, celebrating with friends and loved ones, and enjoying the good that is flowing through your life right now, Libra. You have made some important connections in your life recently, and are being encouraged to enjoy and settle into more of this love that is coming in now.
SCORPIO: This week is about tapping into the abundance that is in your life right now and that is growing for you, Scorpio. Even if you feel like you haven’t reached your ultimate goal yet, there are still blessings to enjoy and commend yourself for right now. Look around you at the success you have created for yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: Your heart is opening to a new beginning this week, Sagittarius. This is a playful week for you, and one when you are taking those first steps towards something new in love. Although you don’t have the full picture yet or even really know what you want out of this, you know your heart is ready.
CAPRICORN: This week is about success, victory, and accomplishment, Capricorn. You are showing up and showing out, and are being greeted with support and protection. What you have been working hard for in your life is growing for you, and you get to bask in more of the successes that are coming your way now.
AQUARIUS: Aquarius, this week is an important week for your working life, friendships, and connections. Know that your unique talents, skills, and efforts do not go missed amongst others around you, and that you are a piece of the puzzle that fits into the divine whole. Keep up what you are doing, and breathe.
PISCES: This week is requiring a new perspective, Pisces. Remember to give yourself grace and to be a little kinder to yourself right now, knowing that life is always changing and turning, and at any moment things can get better. Take this time to fill up your own cup before pouring into someone else's, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about finding your happiness. The week begins with Jupiter in Taurus going Retrograde, where it will be in Retrograde motion until December 30. Thankfully, Jupiter is a benevolent planet and its Retrogrades aren't as sharp, however, the inner work, especially in regard to love and finances, still needs to be done. Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus overall, is bringing in some new perspectives when it comes to relationships, income and investments, and growth. Mid-week we have a Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, and this time is all about letting go of what can't be changed, and doing what you can with what can be. Communication channels are still a little haywire with Mercury in Retrograde, but this Gemini Moon will be helping you open your eyes a little clearer. Overall this week is uncovering what needs to be seen, and hearts are awakening to what they want.


Sep. 4: Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus

Sep. 6: Last Quarter Moon in Gemini


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