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Mystery Reading

Mystery Reading

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The Mystery Reading is done by intuitively choosing a reading for you. The reading given will either be a reading I currently offer or if the energy calls for it, a reading created specifically for you. Let the universe take over on this one and let the message come to you!


You will receive an email after purchase to get your birthday information for your reading if needed. I will need your Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Location. 

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common questions that have been asked


How long does it take to receive a reading?

Please allow at least 7-10 business days to receive your reading.

How is my reading sent?

Readings are sent to your email in a pdf format. If you would like a Live Reading over Zoom or Phone Call, please email me at

Can you do readings for my event?

Yes, I do live readings for events, parties, retreats, etc. Please email me at with your event info and budget.